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What are number balloons ? 

Number balloons, you must have seen them on Instagram ! They are rapidly becoming THE thing to have behind you as you blow out your candles ! And no, no, no, they're definitely not just for trendy instagrammers. Not at all ! Everyone can find one from the collection by My Little Day and create unforgettable photos with number balloons ! Your daughter's celebrating her birthday soon ? We bet she would love to pose like a star with her gold or even rose gold number balloons ! A bit of confetti thrown behind and you have a guaranteed wow effect ! 

How do I inflate my number balloons to get an awesome effect like in those photos ? 

Number balloons are so great, but how do you inflate them without losing 130 years and a lung ? Don't worry, we're here to guide you ! Feel free to take a tour of our blog to take a look at our tutorials ! Super quick and so easy, they will allow you to familiarise yourself with the technique in no time ! Inflatable with air or helium, number balloons are really easy to make up. A simple pump, a straw or a helium gas can will be enough ! Once inflated, position them in a nice place and fix them with printed masking tape to reinforce that little festive touch. And there you go ! Party central !