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What kind of theme for my '90s party ?

The '90s is a really popular party theme that you can choose a specific theme from : Beverly Hills, Boybands, Nirvana, Spice Girls, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Britney Spears, Pokemon and loads of others, the list is long ! For the decor, go for typical decor objects from the '90s like the walkman, the Gameboy, VIHS tapes, video games, Pac-man and even Rubik's cubes ! For the colors, you need to go flashy ! Fluorescent tableware, foil garlands, 90 number balloons, metallic suspensions... and more to find in out selection of '90s decor !

How do you dress up for a '90s party ?

Dress like the period ! For the guys : big shirt, large retro light denim jacket, baggy jeans, logo t-shirt, more denim, a bum bag, garish colors and dated haircuts. For the girls, put on a loose denim jacket, skin tight bodysuits, hoop earrings, trainers, badges, bandanas... Be inspired by our '90s idols like darling Britney or the Spice Girls ! With friends, go for group fancy dress as the Spice Girls, legendary !