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How do you organise a New Year's party for children ?

New Year's Eve is one of the only nights of the year where children are allowed to stay awake, the occasion to have a celebration where all generations come together ! So for children, get out the Schloer (like champagne, right ?), plastic cups and they can drink too ! For the decor, the easiest, is to shine ! Gold, silver, iridescent... everything is allowed ! And consider our special New Years kits, with all the party favours, confetti and streamers you need ! A good idea ? Hide them inside a black, gold and silver star pinata.

Special New Year's activities ?

The Christmas holidays are perfect to do creative activities themed around the end of the year. For example, why not make a list of New Year's resolutions, to decorate with plenty of colours and stickers ? Another idea to do as a family before the big night ? Customise bottles of champagne (and festive apple juice) for an astounding result ! Learn to create pretty paper envelopes on our blog for personalised greetings cards for all the family !