What musical theme would you choose for a party ?

It takes time to think about it. You're a music lover at heart, you want your next birthday party to have a musical theme ! Stay determined on it. Rock, Dirty Dancing or even Moulin Rouge, it's up to you ! The best thing is to reflect on the whole of your group of friends and choose a theme that everyone will like. If you want to be a little nostalgic, go for a disco/funk theme ! Classic and easy to do. For the costumes, let yourself go and go all out ! Boogie on down !

How do you prepare a party with a theme ?

A themed party needs (a tad) more preparation than a classic party. Especially if it's fancy dress. You have to think about the table decoration, accessories for the event, the buffet, the themed playlist... A bit anxious ? Yes, but no. Because My Little Day is here to make your life easier and help you with all the preparation ! Feel free to take a look at our blog, we have so many articles that you'll find useful ! Take a deep breath, everything will be absolutely fine. Start by the defining the theme and sorting the guest list. Do this well in advance so you have enough time to organise it (and yourself too) especially if it's a fancy dress party. For the table decor, go for a simple base (cloths, napkins etc. monochrome), and decorate with accessories for a wow effect ! The little detail which will change everything : don't forget a photobooth to take hilarious (embarassing ?) photo souvenirs which will stay forever (on insta) !