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How do you organise a Mexican party, like in Coco ?

We admit, we've totally fallen for Coco's charm, the latest Pixar film which made us cry. So when our son/daughter tells us that they want a Mexican and Day of the Dead party, we're super happy (and a bit jealous) ! To organise an original Mexican party, you need to go all out with the decor, and the colours. With garlands, flowers and balloons, but especially the pinata (our favorite, the calavera) : it has to be an explosion of colour. Add a cactus here and there, and why not llama toppers ?

Entertainment for a Mexican birthday party ?

There's lots of entertainment ! Of course, the most important and most traditonnal, breaking the pinata. To save for the climax of the party, just before the cake ! If you want to be an entertainer, a make up artist could be a super idea for a Coco party, to do super cute candy skull face paint. You could be tempted to do it all yourself but that takes patience and talent ! An original idea that they'll love ? A mariachi style air guitar competition, with the hat please !