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Go for accessories for a costume that's not too expensive !

Fancy dress parties, we love them, but beautiful costumes can sometimes cost an arm and a leg ! To limit the damage, the solution is to go for accessories before everything ! For example, dress up as Darth Vader without the pain of buying the whole costume ! If you get the mask, a black outfit and a drape to use as a cape, that will do the job.

A party with your favorite stars ?

Go for cheeky heart shaped, flower shaped or parrot shaped glasses ! And there, you're Elton John ! Can I use masks and glasses for a photobooth ? Ready made photobooth kits, with their accessories on sticks are super practical but we're starting to see them everywhere ! For a fun photobooth, which diverts away from the norm: go for glasses and costume accessories. To put in a big case next to a decorated wall, your guests will love taking a photo with it, and wearing them all night ! We assure you, glasses put you in the party mood !