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For what occasion should I choose a Jurassic theme ?

You don't know Jurassic Park ?! Yes, there's dinosaurs, but it's also set in a magical world, with tropical leaves, adventurers... it's the perfect theme for a birthday party, a fancy dress party or a cinema party ! Because yes, it's the perfect occasion to rewatch some fantasy movies with your mates. Organising a surprise party for your man or your best friend ? This theme will be perfect ! A mix between a jungle and adventurer theme which gives you plenty of possibilities in terms of decor and DIYs ! For more advice, take a look at our blog, it's a real gold mine !

Which decorations should I get for a Jurassic party ?

As we've established, Jurassic = dinosaur = green, so go for green decor ! Garlands, honeycomb balls, balloons, tropical leaves, figurines, we have everything you need to feel like you're in the jungle ! A nice idea for decoration : a green and white balloon arch, or a green bunch of balloons with a T-rex foil balloon, it'll make all the difference ! And why not have a dinosaur pinata for a super fun moment with friends ?! Find everything you need in our Jurassic selection !