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What are the essentials for a Dolce Vita vibe ?

We're walking like in a Dolce Vita, this time we got it right, we're living like in a Dolce Vita, mmm gonna dream tonight... create your dreamy Dolce Vita vibe like in the song by Ryan Paris. To have an Italian party, there are some essentials. Start by attaching alternate garlands in red, then green and white, balloons, always balloons, more balloons and don't forget the foil Pink Vespa balloon that's oh so Italian. For the table, go for gingham plates, napkins, cups and add flowers like lillies, peonies and roses for a Dolce Gabbana vibe.

How do you create Roman Empire era decor ?

We find the influence of Greek culture on the Roman Empire really interesting. If you like statues of all powerful gods, here are some ideas to create your own greek-roman vibe. It's not an Empire without columns so have them in abundance by placing the Hestia platter and mug on the table which will be perfect for sipping on a good cocktail. Pay homage to Terrazzo with the big drinks board to mix with plates and napkins of the same print. Add some bamboo torches on your garden path or directly on your table. Then, you're ready to conquer your guests.