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What are the decor essentials for a horror theme ?

Whether its for Halloween, or just like it, we love parties that are scary ! And in terms of decor, there's loads you could do. Of course, go for black, black to the max on from the floor to the ceiling. After that, it depends on the theme of the party. You need to adjust. For example for an "It" party, you need circus decor and red balloons. For a "Clockwork Orange" party, choose '70s decor and bowler hats. OR why not even go for children's bedroom decor for a "The Exorcist" party ?

Entertainment ideas for my Halloween or horror film party ?

The night, in black, you're not sure of anything and we lose all our bearings. It's the occasion to have fun with entertainment with guaranteed shivers. Our favorite is "clap, clap", the game straight out of The Conjuring ! You blindfold a player who has to locate the other players by the sound of their claps; The best way is to watch the film beforehand ! Other ideas ? A special blind horror film test, or if the space allows, a treasure chest or an escape game, with monsters to frighten the adventurers !