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What are the decor essentials for a Hollywood Party ?

A Hollywood party needs chic decor, a VIP vibe, and stars everywhere (even in your eyes) ! You need glitter, velvet, red, stars, foil... You could watch videos of Oscar ceremonies to inspire yourself ! Among the party essentials, balloons, garlands, confetti, tableware or even table accessories can be chosen from our Hollywood selection ! There's going to be cinema clapperboards, "Walk of fame" stars, popcorn boxes, silver foil balloons and fluorescent champagne flutes ! It's up to you !

How do you create a photobooth with a Hollywood Oscars vibe ?

A photobooth is a trendy activity for all parties ! A wedding, a costume party, a birthday party, a family party, they're everywhere ! So for a Hollywood party, organise a photobooth, of course ! For the background, put up a silver foil or black velvet curtain for an Oscars ceremony vibe. It's not a photobooth without props so choose hats, glasses, balloons, masks and add stars in the style of the "Walk of Fame". A camera, beautiful smiles, crazy poses, it will be so memorable !!