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What costumes for a hen do ?

The aim for any fun hen do is to embarrass the future bride, we know it, you know it, and we'll make sure everyone else knows that it's her final night of freedom ! With the whole girl gang in tow, you could single her out by making her the only one in fancy dress or all go for it with the costumes. Dressing up at a hen party has to be fun, I'm talking tutus, crazy glasses, wild wigs and a princess tiara ! Make it an evening to honour the hen by mimicking her personality ! For example, if she has a princess side, imitate it and play it up. If she's a big fan of a particular film, dress her up as a character from it.

What activities to do dressed up at a hen party ?

You've got lots of activities to organise for a hen do. An evening between friends can be good as long as it is with a good group of girls. It's the afternoon, you're out for pre-dinner drinks in town, still dressed up, making fun of the bride-to-be and yourselves at the same time ! Lead by example at the karaoke but before that, learn a choreographed dance routine that you all have to do together. If the day and the season falls at the right time, you could reserve an entire weekend for the celebrations, rent out an Air BnB in a new city, go to a festival or danse the entire time ! Basically, there is plenty of options for you. Find the best option for your BFF considering her personality.