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What do I need to prepare a balloon decoration?

I want to say, it all depends on the balloon decor you want. Obviously, there are essentials... For beautiful bunches of balloons which float in the wind, you need ribbon, balloon weights, and obviously the most important, helium. But helium on a budget ! With our gas bottles, you can inflate around 50 normal balloons or 6 foil balloons (to create 5 or 6 clusters). For decor that's still impressive without breaking the bank, you can also inflate your balloons with normal air and attach them (to the wall, to an arch, suspended from the ceiling...). In this case, two ways: by mouth or using a pump. If you intend to blow up more than 50 ballons and you're not a champion at holding your breath, then a pump will be better ! Another important element, nylon thread for invisible ties. Ultra resistant, you could attach hundreds of balloons without a doubt.

How do I create a bunch of balloons with helium ?

A bunch of balloons, it's a party decor classic, and is always effective. And as all balloons are permitted, they can adapt to all party themes. In general, that just applies to regular balloons. But for more fun, add foil balloons ! For a pretty bunch, you should have at least 6 balloons. One thing to remember before starting: prepare your material well. Cut your string in advance and have some balloon weights close to you (the balloons will float away if not) ! Then, nothing more simple, you inflate, you attach, you arrange ! Read all our tutorials and advice on our blog, we explain everything in more detail !