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What are the essentials to get when you're creating decor with balloons ?

The essential accessories vary depending on your chosen decor, but in general you should know that: for making a bunch, you could find it difficult to put up without balloon weights (little colorful bases which anchor down your balloons), helium gas and gift ribbon ! We have them in all colors to jazz up all types of balloons ! If you would prefer a balloon photobooth, you need wires to arrange them easily ! Party vibes guaranteed for your child's birthday party ! If you use rubber balloons and you want to make sure the decor lasts long enough, don't forget to get hi-float gel ! It lengthens the durability of the balloons and gives them a strong layer ! Magic !

What do I need to make a balloon arch ?

The balloon arch is kind of THE birthday decor. Astonishing and ideal for photos, it's not that complicated to make and takes less time than the famous balloon wall. You just need a helping hand and es-pec-i-ally good tools ! In the family of helium and accessories, we have : nylon wire, balloon pumps or an electric pump, tape... and the balloons of course ! Cut the nylon at the length you want (4 meters at least), attach the balloons and you're sorted ! Find a detailed tutorial on My Little Day's blog !<