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How do you decorate a heart themed party ?

Sometimes, ideas for our children's birthday party decor can be very simple ! "Mum, I want a birthday party with hearts !" There, that's it. That's not a theme, you say ? Don't panic, it can become one. The advantage of a heart theme is that you can do all sorts with the decor. From prints to the tableware, there's heart patterned balloons, heart shaped balloons, garlands, glasses, confetti... We have hearts for all tastes at My Little Day. For homogenous decor, try to keep with white or pink backgrounds, hearts in the same colour tones, pale pink or fuschia pink. There's little chance of making a mistake in doing that ; and you'll have a guaranteed princess vibe !

How do you mix hearts with other colours ?

For a heart birthday party that's not too tacky, play around with hearts in all colours ! By mixing all the shapes and colours, and even adding some rainbow balloons, you'll have a heart birthday party in all colours. This super cheerful theme will please all little ones !