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Can you have a Valentine's Day that's not too cheesy ?

Nope, impossible ! No, we're joking, of course ! There's always an alternative to cheesiness ! And sometimes a little bit of cheese is all good ! Take Christmas films and songs, they're cheesy but we love them ! For a Valentine's Day that's not too cheesy but still bursting with love, the aim is to avoid big clichés ! Avoid romantic dinners on a barge with the people next to you 15 cm away, teddies with a red heart, bouquets of red roses and badly written love letters ! We want bunches of heart balloons, foil love balloons at the bottom of our bed, confetti on your tray for breakfast in bed, shiny candles on a cupcake to celebrate with your love !

What can you give someone for Valentine's Day ?

Red heart balloons, of course ! But also badges, a personalised little card, a cupcake with a candle, flowers, a box of plenty of photos and souvenirs... These are gift ideas that are a little different to the the traditional chocolates or jewellery (even if we never say no to them) ! And the absolute must : guys, send a foil heart balloon with a little card to your Valentine's office ! Ahhh, love !!