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How do you organise a St Patrick's day party ?

At My Little Day, we really like testing our knowledge wehn it comes to parties ! So what is St Patrick's Day, when is it and how do you celebrate it ? St Patrick's Day is THE Irish celebration that happens every year on the 17th March, which you simply can't miss out on. In Ireland, it's the party of the year where you have a party, dance, sing and drink 'til the end of the night ! So if you don't have chance to go to Ireland in March but you're determined to celebrate it, organise your own St Patrick's Day ! And for the decor : balloons, garlands, honeycomb balls, cloths, tableware... Find the essentials from our all-green selection !

Decorate an eco-friendly green table ?

If you want an eco-friendly green table, get out the paper food holders, bamboo tableware and reusable glasses. Dress the table in a green cloth, tropical leaves, wooden decor like log place markers and the final touch : little round green and silver confetti ! A jungle, Jurassic Park, catcus or Christmas tree vibe... everything we love !