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The golden baby shower a little too bling-bling?

Attention, it's possible! But after all, everyone likes it, if the future mom loves Versace then there you can give yourself thoroughly! Golden balloons, gold dinnerware, glittering confetti, jewelry candles, a glamorous photobooth and many other gilded decorations. Nothing is too good for the future baby and his mom! You do not have to play hard gold, by little touch with white or other color, it will be discreet and chic. On lanterns, garlands and balloons, he knows how to be chic and elegant.

What activities to organize during his baby shower?

What better way to avoid a party a bit too boring? Games ! We do not know if the atmosphere of the evening that we are organizing will be good so we prepare some activities for guests. Laughing guaranteed ! A very funny first game that involves everyone is, Who is this photo of baby ?, this game consists of asking the guests to bring a picture of them baby, to mix everything and then guess who owns the boils too cute. There are plenty of games around the birth, do not hesitate it can be super funny!