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Which glasses for my cocktails ?

A paper cup to serve a cocktail is an absolute no-no ! They're for juice, lemonade and soda. At least for a festival, the beach or the forest. But even then, go for reusable cups instead ! If beer pong gets played with red cups, you can also play Martini pong with transparent or fluorescent pink glasses. Perfect for a summer party or a pool party ! For a Tropical party, go for cocnout or pineapple glasses, your guests will love them ! And our must-have is the mason jar, for very original cocktail presentation ! Wait no longer to discover our selection of cocktail glasses for a party, drinks or a Pool party !

How do you decorate your cocktails in an original way ?

Want to change up classic paraols in cocktails ? Fall for our palm tree toppers or our pineapple mixers. And if you're an unconditional fan of the classic little parasols, we have a little more trendy versions in gold, silver and iridescent ! Toppers are the essential little fun touch to a cocktail ! We love putting them in our hair and almost forget the number of cocktails we've drunk (oops) ! Take a look at our selection of cocktail decorations (100% fun guaranteed) !