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What are the essentials for a girls' night ?

It all depends on the activities you want to do. If you go for a movies and manicures night, popcorn boxes and ice cream pots seem essential. To choose in line with your color and vibe, although a little birdy has told me that it'll be pink. It's not compulsory but headbands that say girl gang seem adequate with the party. The balloons too ! If you choose to go for a cocktail-music-karaoke night, then you don't need an ice cream pot but rather cocktail glasses and a cocktail mixer seem to be the essentials as well as toppers and straws to finish off your cocktail without smudging your manicure (that's for those who can't decide the two parties) !

What decor for a girls' night ?

Balloons everywhere, pink or to your preference, normal or foil, heart-shaped, star-shaped, diamond-shaped, pink metallic curtains on the walls and a multicolored disco ball ! With that, the party will start as soon as the first guest arrives !