How do you organise an original birthday party ?

First of all, it's best to choose the theme of the party ! This is not to be taken lightly as your risk tears and cries from your little princess... Don't panic, My Little Day has thought of a selection of original themes and decor ideas so that her party is THE most beautiful (and makes her friends jealous) !

Then, don't be afraid to do too much, add loads of garlands and even more balloons, a birthday party that's a real celebration ! It needs to blow everyone away, and shine like a million stars ! Feel free to take a look at our tutorials and DIYs on our blog in case you're lacking ideas, you'll definitely find what you're looking for !

Are little girls' birthday parties only pink and princess themed ?

Certainly when we think of little girls' birthday parties, we think of princess, girly pink and glitter straight away... But My Little Day has thought of those who don't like all that and offers other super original ideas ! Wowee !

On offer : animals of all kinds, real or not (yes, unicorns), superheroines and even astronauts ! There are some for all little girls !