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How do you avoid a "fruit salad" effect with fruit themed birthday party decor ?

We love fruit, we just want to eat it all ! But for your b'day decor, avoid a "fruit salad" vibe by mixing pineapple balloons, strawberry plates, lemon cups, a watermelon pinata, and banana napkins.. too much... For bright and stylish decor, concentrate on one or two fruits to have on balloons, garlands, cups, napkins, straws and other party essentials. Discover our selection of fruity decor : strawberry, lemon, banana, watermelon, pineapple, we don't know where to look ! Lacking inspiration for your decor ? Go for our fruit birthday party kit with all our party decor essentials ! You've got all the tricks up your sleeve for bright AND stylish decor !

Fun activities and DIY workshops to do ?

With a fruity birthday party, you have a fun and crazy vibe ! So for the party activities, suggests cool and original things like a photobooth with a colorful background where the children can put fruit shaped glasses on ! Unique photo souvenirs ! On the cooking side, get them all together for a tasty and calm activity : exotic fruit kebabs, to deveour to the heart's content ! And find our banana DIYs on our blog : toppers and glasses in the shape of bananas, super easy to create for a great result ! The party will be great fun !