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What are the essentials for a Frozen party ?

For a Frozen theme, blue, white and silver are of course the main decor colours ! With a birthday party, you need garlands and balloons everywhere : letters, numbers, printed, there's a real choice at My Little Day ! Go for wintery decor : snowflake foil balloons, snowmen for the adorable Olaf, and stars everywhere ! The important thing is to recreate a Frozen vibe with a silver snowflake pinata, totally icy !

You can also count on our Frozen kit to take you off to the icy kingdom !

Last and arguably the biggest essential, music from the film... good luck, the whole My Little Day is thinking of you (and your ears) !

What are some ideas to create Frozen decor ?

On our blog we give you some decor and DIY ideas to create your wintery vibe !

To transform your living room in to the icy kingdom, we explain how to easily (and quickly) create snowflakes ! We promise it's not too complicated !

So during the party you can suggest they create some Olaf and Sven cups, something to keep thelm busy and finish off the decor !

And as we don't do things by halves, we've even thought of how to make an incredible starry Elsa crown, if that's not magical, what is ?!