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How do you succeed in folk wedding decor ?

Bohemian weddings are the favourite with couples these last few years. And we know why ! Folk weddings are perfect for a romantic but relaxed vibe, and you can be a mix of plenty of different inspirations : one that's very natural and botanical, or with an industrial theme and a touch of rock folk, everything is possible regarding the essentials for a hippie chic spirit ! For the colours, you always have to think about neutral wood and beige to which you can add lively, crazy touches. Iconic pieces at folk weddings are dream-catchers, tassel or Mexican garlands, carpets and feathers. Think about a relaxed decor ! Plus, bring an authentic touch with bric-a-brac, essential for that bohemian spirit, that allows you to limit your decor budget for your wedding.

Plenty of colour or just sprinkles for a folk wedding ?

A folk theme doesn't have to have to be without colour ! The colourful caravan world is very festive ! Think about hippies and their world full of rainbows ! The advantage of this theme is that the essential products which form a neutral base (wood - kraft - beige) mix really well with really colourful decor elements, like flag garlands, mismatched floral crockery, and really colourful pretty paper hangings. If you prefer a really soft kinfolk wedding, go for plants, wood, and pastel decorations.