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How do you create a floral vibe for a children's party ?

For an original theme for a birthday party, a baptism or a party for a little girl, why not go for floral decor ? Flowers inspire happiness, nature and color. It can't be stiff awkward decor, it is a children's party after all ! So by having tropical flower patterned balloons, daisy glasses for a crazy photobooth or even tableware with a bohemian spirit and even flower crowns, for a guaranteed flower power vibe ! Plus, it's the occasion for them to discover plenty of easy actvities to do.

Activities to do with flowers for an original birthday party?

We've done plenty of activities for a floral themed birthday party ! It's a theme that all little girls love ! From make up sets to dressing up as flower fairy, stamps in the form of flowers or even little cards to decorate, they won't stop having fun. And if that's not enough, we've made plenty of tutorials and advice on the floral theme on the blog : crowns, glasses, invitations or paper flowers... it's impossible to be short of ideas !