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How do you celebrate a 1st birthday party ?

At 1 year old, they're still a baby ! So to celebrate this eagerly awaited birthday, make things big, beautiful and photogenic. 1st birthday party photos are the principal photos in a baby book, a bit like those taken in pregnancy ! So organise the party in a way that you can get the best photos possible. Make a really pretty cake with one candle, make the high chair the throne of the room, give babies cute little party hats, decorate the wall and the back of the high chair, inflate balloons that you can make float for a great photo, decorate a buffet or set up a sweet table... For your little one's first birthday, everything revolves around them !

How does a first birthday party unfold ?

At 1 year old, they're a baby ! So, the best way is to organise the party in between two naps, two feeding times, a calm moment. Of course, to be perfectly honest, this party's a little bit for you too ?! You want to present your marvel to all your friends ?! That's normal ! So if the party lasts a long time and your baby is suddenly tired, that's normal but that doesn't mean everything has to stop ! Only if it's you who's tired. Make your life easier by having a buffet or a sweet table so you have less things to do and so you can be available for your baby, for photos and see your friends and celebrate !