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For my party, could I do a tattoo bar ?

We're not going to um and ah over it, tattoo bars are a great idea ! It makes everyone laugh, all ages and for all seasons. Whether its for a wedding, a birthday or a party, its a super acitivity to distract your guests. Plus, they're pretty simple to put on ! A base table, a box to organise the pre-cut tattoos, a sponge and water, and you're sorted !

How do you use fake tattoos ?

Even if you're certain you know, we 're going to explain again. To use tattoo sheets, we advise you to already have them pre-cut. That avoids running over. Then, peel off the plastic protecting your beautiful pirate tattoo and place it on your skin. Wet the sponge and apply it to the paper. By lightly soaking it, the tattoo will eventually detach from the paper. You're done, it's all good, now you can be a rockstar !