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A princess night for an adult?

If you want, anything is possible! We put on our dress, our diadem and we take the arm of our prince (or our BFF) for an evening enchanted. A magical forest, the imaginary world of the bell fairy, the Rapunzel tower or a ball like Cinderella requires decoration! A fairy tale night can not be organized without wearing your crown!

How to decorate your interior for a fairy tale theme?

A shower of glitter, crowns and coats of arms, your decoration must be enchanted. For a fairy-tale party, you choose who you want to be, princess, fairy or elf. For princesses, the decor must be refined, you will need beautiful golden and golden tableware, champagne flutes, and glass bells to put his little oven. If you are no longer a fairy or an elf, greenery is the element that matches. We love plants and bright decor that reminds us of the glow worms dancing in the night.