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What kind of Halloween makeup should I do for a child ?

For Halloween, you have to do some crazy makeup ! It's the ideal time for children to transform into little monsters ! As well as their costume, do their makeup with a green face for a witch, orange for a pumpkin, pale for a blood sucking vampire or even an awful black bat. Thanks to our makeup kits, create the most beautiful zombie, vampire or wizard makeup. The fake blood is an essential for all your creations, a Halloween makeup essential ! Finish off their makeup with hats, headbands, glasses, teeth and other terrifying accessories to give life to your character ! And discover Halloween makeup tutorials on our blog !

How do you organise a makeup workshop during a birthday party ?

A makeup session is every child's favorite activity during a birthday party ! They want to be completely transformed ! So ask them to make a line, and when it's each one's turn, let them choose their makeup. Suggest some that's not too complicated so you'll be able to go a bit faster. Feel free to ask someone for help, as a pair it will be much quicker !<