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What activities can I do for my explorer birthday party ?

A explorer birthday party is done by travelling, to make discoveries of far off countries and endlessly explore in search of isolated places. However, stuck in your appartment, it can seem difficult to escape. To help, the best way is to do explorer themed activities. A quiz to set them up by forming two teams is a good start. You can then follow with the best idea for this theme : a treasure hunt ! As treasure, a pirate's treasure chest pinata which hides all the little gifts for your guests !

How do you create simple but effective explorer decor ?

With an explorer theme, you need exotic decor, the lush jungle, the cruel desert... We imagine decor that fills our entire living room and takes hours and hours of preparation. But it's possible to limit the amount of work with some simple decorations to create the vibe effectively. Of course, go for green balloons and tropical leaves to create the base. Paper garlands and leaves to stick on the wall or to put out on the table. Balloons in the shape of wild animals, tigers, parrots, monkeys spread out everywhere, and you're done ! With a fake treasure map burnt at the sides and some activities, you're sorted !