Are the accessories for the costume more important than the costume itself?

That's a very difficult question. It depends on the theme, it depends on the outfit, it depends on who is hosting and their guests ! At My Little Day, what we think in terms of a costume is that there can never be too much, because too much doesn't exist, because 'less is more' ! For us, it's better not to go for it without thinking about the total look beforehand. Taking an example, as far-fetched as possible, if the theme of the party is 'birds', we're your man! Toucan, pink flamingo, parrot, chick in accessories (glasses, beak, balloon, face paint) or a costume!

Can you make a chest full of costumes for adults for the clever clogs who don't come dressed up to a fancy dress party?

Brilliant ! This question is great because we've already got the answer ! Sort through your old costumes, add some costume or photobooth accessories, wigs, glasses, moustaches. Don't thank us for this idea, but it's great !