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How do you keep children occupied at a birthday party ?

That's the question ! You're scared they'll get bored, that they'll bicker, then they'll cry and the party will be disaster ?! Don't panic, that won't happen with all our advice on activities ! Prepare a list of activities to do beforehand, for inside or outside. Board games, cards, role play, skills games, team games, sporty games or DIY creative workshops. Discover all our games ideas on our blog to occupy the children not only for a birthday party, but at home on the weekends too !

What kind of creative workshop can I suggest to the children ?

To occupy the children, there's nothing better than games and creative workshops ! The majority of children like creative activities as they get to express themselves, concentrate and have some quiet time. Perfect for you ! Among our workshop ideas : DIYs to personalise, create and calmly have fun. Painting, stickers, pompoms, or even stamps to occupy them quietly and to develop their artistic souls !<