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What are the decor essentials for a disco ?

Ahhhh the disco, where everything begins. They're finally old enough for their first discos, first slow dances, first kisses... It brings back a lot of memories for you too ! And you think not that much has changed ! Music, friends, disco balls, stars and a Fever night fever vibe ! On the wall, attach tassel garlands, glitter or star garlands, put up one or two disco balls on the ceiling, foil balloons and even a disco pinata. You need to impress, that it's like a night club ! The children will love it ! Discover our selection of Disco Party decor, don't wait any longer !

How do you adapt the disco to the age of the children ?

Discos don't really have an age limit, it's enough to adapt the decor, the activities and the vibe. For 7 year olds, the disco should be in the afternoon, with games like musical chairs, a pinata, streamers, confetti and loads of sweets. At 12 years old, you need a vibe for older ones, disco balls, photobooth, dance choreography, a playlist with the latest hits, disco ball cups... A theme that's easily adapted to all ages !