What theme should I pick for a dinner party with my friends ?

To celebrate an event, or that you simply find yourselves all together, you have invited your friends over dinner, and you're fed up of your embroidered tablecloth combo - mismatched glasses. With all that, you have no idea how you can pimp your dinner table ? Sometimes, the theme is obvious : you can't really do a tropical theme for a cheese and wine party or an all-yellow decor for a romantic dinner (relating to symbolism of colors). If that's not the case, choose a vibe (no, not a distinguished Near Perfect Dinner either), a subtle touch according to the season, and a menu that you have planned. The most simple thing when you have no idea is to choose a color to stick to for your table. But you could also choose a vibe, a style. For example, you have chosen a Creole or Thai menu ? Do a green / jungle decor. An italian dinner ? Go for terrazzo.

Can you use disposable crockery for a dinner party ?

YES ! The disposable allows you to have fun with it and you're not forced to spend loads (what, you don't see yourself with a collection of toucan or pink flamingo-themed plates everyday ?). You can mix very simple plates for example, with super colorful paper cups and napkins. A table cloth and a table runner can also be very useful to create an atmosphere for your dinner table decor.