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Can there be too many decor objects ?

No ! You can never be over-dressed when it comes to party decorations ! There are never too many balloons or too many honeycomb balls, there are never too many paper plates put out. As well, there can never be too much cake, fruit or sweets ! To make a wall of tropical paper leaves, you need a lot of them. It's a bit like a plant trellis, the more plants there are, the more impressive and beautiful it is. And it's possible at the end of your tropical party that you don't want to throw your decoration away, that you want to keep your decor up permanently.

How do you mix traditional decor objects with traditional party objects ?

Simple. Get out your silver candlesticks and see how they shine when they reflect disco balls on the ceiling that you have put up for a New Year's party. Mix them with black and white or silver and white paper crockery, some things in crystal and cover the table itself with a white table cloth, some silver confetti, black, silver and gold tassel garlands, put on a top hat and play that music !