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How do you organise a circus themed birthday party ?

Ready to juggle plates to impress budding little artists ? With apples it might be easier ! Start your birthday party organisation with the invitations, to make yourself or just fill in pre made ones ! For the decor, the aim is to recreate the atmosphere of a circus tent ! The nig top, we agree, could be a bit complicated (unless it's in the garden) but for the inside of the tent, we have everything you need ! Feline foil balloons, lanterns, pastel diamond tableware, colourful table mats, tassel garlands and circus tickets to give out to the little public ! Discover our super circus birthday party kit too, which has all our essentials for a circus birthday party ! For the activities, juggling, clown sketches, magic tricks and DIY activities ! It will be a real circus ! For more circus themed artistic activity ideas, take a look on our blog ! Quizzes, DIYs and lgames for the little clowns to enjoy !

DIY ideas for a circus theme ?

We love DIYs at My Little Day ! Whatever the theme, we always have creative acitivity ideas ! The circus world is a grand spectacle the public adores, so suggest the children make a personalised public badge ! To avoid breaking plates, we've given you a DIY to create juggling balls, to limit the damage ! And for your decor, we've created some great toppers to put on top of your cake ! All our DIYs can be found on the blog under the circus birthday party theme !