With a cinema/series theme, what kind of party is it ?

Whoever has never been to a fancy dress birthday party as favorite characters from a fim:series raise your hand ! It's a big classic for a fancy dress party. A theme which can be free choice or on particular film or series like Star Wars, Harry Potter etc... It's a perfect theme too for a little party with friends or a dinner for film lovers ! Eat popcorn, watch films back-to-back, make choreography to your favorite films (aka the lift in Dirty Dancing, imitate but never exactly the same), you could even test your mates with a cinema quiz. And for a Halloween party, organise a horror film party and dress up as a bloody clown or a freaky zombie !

What are the decor essentials for a cinema/series party ?

As for all fiestas, there are decor essentials to not forget: balloons (numbers, letters, foil), garlands, table crockery, little pieces of decor and everything that links to your theme of course ! Among our selection of cinema-themed decor: clapperboards to put on the table, popcorn boxes, popcorn and star foil balloons, and even a poster of 100 films to see before you die !