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How do you organise a carnival at home ?

The carnival is a kid's favourite celebration. Dress up, dance, parade... it's the party ! So to organise a pretty carnival at home, there are essentials you can't forget ! Of course, go for costumes and accessories : heart shaped, star shaped and even parrot glasses ; unicorn or pirate party hats, everyone will find their favourite costume ! Even if children think to come in costumes before the party, it's always good to prepare a chest of accessories for those who forgot, or for those who simply want to change their look. If you want an entertainer, get a make up artist, for guaranteed success ! If you want to lead an activity yourself, prepare a workshop to create their costume, like a feather crown in all colours ! Once everyone is ready and dressed up from head to toe, organise a parade ! In the living room, the street or the park nearby, that's for you to decide ! Elect the best dressed, and prepare party bags for everyone.