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How do you find a successful birthday card ?

For our birthday, we love receiving cards filled with cute messages. A detail that always pleases anyone. So for your brother's, best friend's or step-mother's birthday, write a pretty birthday card to wish them all the best (avoid writing their age on the card). The ingredients for a beautiful birthday card are : a pretty card obviously, a beautiful writing pen, loving words, some drawings and why not some stickers as well. The recipent will be delighted ! Discover our selection of birthday cards, to your pens !

Can you declare your love with a card ?

Of course ! There's nothing more romantic than a card or love letter ! But where to start... Choose a pretty card, rather simple to create a bit of mystery. For the message, it's up to you to fins some inspiration but get your good pen that won't leak. It's essential ! And no mistakes, if not you start again. In the form of a poem, a song, a drawing, show your feelings for your recipient. Post it, hide it or give it to them yourself, you decide !