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What are the essentials for decorating a cake ?

Ah it depends on the cake ! For an adult's birthday cake, you can be taken by a super decorated cake with sugar paste or sprinkled with almonds, or a more classic cake, simply iced. In all cases, you could add plenty of decor to give it some volume and stick to the theme of the party.

How do you create an original tiered cake ?

The tiered cake, the symbol of weddings ! And until now, the dilemma was choux or génoise and the choice of figurines to put on the top. But at My Little day, we're all for modernising and coming up with new ideas. Imagine... a tiered piece made of cheese, fruit or even pancakes. There are loads of super ideas. And for the decoration, discover our toppers : feathers, words of love or even hearts, there are some for all weddings, and that changes things up rather than the traditional bride and groom figurines !