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The burger quiz, a good theme for an original board game party !

Who doesn't dream of spending their evening with Alain Chabat ? Burger Quiz takes us back to our teenage years with its crazy humour and emblematic decor. And its also a super theme for a modernised board games evening. If you're not into board games, organise tests and quizzes (there are loads on the internet).

How do you create the burger quiz set in your home ?

By getting right to the heart of it ! Your best bet ? Our red and white blind to attach to the wall, burger or hot dog foil balloons, and of course bottles of ketchup and mayo ! You can also print off the logos of the programme and a photo of Alain Chabat to make a mask to become him. And of course, have fun with a burger party with our real American diner packaging for burgers, hot dogs or fries !