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What kind of party can you have with a Brazilian theme ?

Ah Brazil, the beautiful beaches, the Amazon, the warm welcome, football, the carnival... We can already see ourselves on the Copacabana beach tanning and sipping cocktails ! A Brazilian party is perfect in summer for a fancy dress party, a summer party or a girs night drinking Caipis ! A theme which inspires party ! You can also turn the theme in to a tropical theme, with its tropical leaves and animals ! A truly festive party !

How do you organise a Rio Carnival at home?

This year it's decided, the Rio Carnival is coming to you ! Dance the samba, sing in Portuguese, drink caïpirinhas, laugh and partaaay... For the decor, go for great lively Brazilian colors like yellow, green, orange or cyan blue. You need feathers, palm trees, sequins, exotic birds and figurines, tropical tableware and cocktail glasses, of course ! On the fancy dress side, go for fake feather eyelashes, a headband or a feather hairpiece, a bikini and a colorful skirt, sequins everywhere, but first and foremost, learn to dance the samba !