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Why not go for a 100% floral decor ?

Of course, fresh flowers and pretty bouquets set the tone. For romantic wedding decor, go for flowers. Flowers are an essential for a wedding, it sets the tone and it couldn't be more romantic.  But it's possible to create a floral vibe with plenty of other accessories : through the crockery, use plates with a liberty pattern or printed with flowers with a British vibe, plants in pots (which you can rent out easily) to create a tropical vibe, or even little plants to offer as a present to your guests. Framed dried flowers and retro botanical pictures are also excellent for creating your vibe (to use for numbering the tables for example). You could equally prepare pretty flower crowns to give out so your guests can join in with the theme.

Fake flowers for the decor without exploding your wedding budget ?

You don't have to break the bank at the florist's, we assure you. There are a thousand different ways to create a botanical theme, and that doesn't exclude fake flowers. They're often frowned upon, but they come in all types for all budgets. PRETTY fake flowers for the decor will catch you guests' eyes and really make a difference, and there are really realistic ones available on the market. You could put them on large branches in the garden or in a forest or even on paper foliage. The last option is close to our heart at My Little Day. Cut out paper leaves can be put anywhere : on a wall, on the tables and even on a tiered cake. They easily give a lot of volume and create an original and magical vibe.