How do you organise a super original mixed themed birthday party ?

An original birthday party needs original party decor that suits the theme ! Choose the party essentials carefully : balloons, garlands, confetti, candles and other must have party decorations ! But careful, you need to always respect the colours of the theme, the patterns, the animals that go with it, and mix it all up for a super result ! Find our party essentials for every children's party theme on My Little Day ! For pro organisation advice for an incredible children's party, go on our blog ! With decor, activities, DIYs, cakes, your child's party will be a piece of cake !

Original mixed theme ideas ?

At My Little Day, we seek to make sure every party is original and super fun ! So we've made a list of children's favorite themes so each one can choose the theme THEY want. Princesses, Spiderman, Dora aren't bad but there's a difference between them and original and audacious themes like cute animals, safari or even Koh Lanta ! Their friend Tom had an amazing Pirate birthday party last weekend ? No worries, you can organise an even more incredible Harry Potter themed birthday party with My Little Day's decor ! Find our list of our original mixed themes for a memorable party ! Ready for a fiesta !?