I'm organising my child's birthday party, how do I decorate the table ?

Like always, it's a bit of a marathon. You have set off even though it's risky business : organising you child's birthday party. You love them more than anything in the world, no doubt about that. But they've become restless these past few days. "Mummy, where's my costume ?" "Mummy, I want a chocolate cake" "No strawberry" "No kiwi" "But you've never liked kiwis ???" "- WELL I DO", "Mummy, I want yellow, blue and red" "No orange" "No, The Voice !" "Mummy, can I have a pyjama party ? As soon as you've dealt with one question, there's another suggestion ! Hell. So, it's not helpful to say that the table decor is far from being sorted. Don't panic, My Little Day have though of everything. Once the theme is fixed, browse through the coolections to find accessories that would suit you. You will find disposable crockery to mix, coloured cloths and printed napkins ! You just have to chiose ! Don't worry, everything will go smoothly !

What are the necessities for successful table ? Coloured ? Understated ? Sequined? 

Start by determining the tone that you want to give to your whole birthday decor, and then choose the different elements of the table going from there. If you choose a multicoloured theme, feel free to mismatch the crockery and the cloths. Try to make a list and tick off the element once you've got them: plates, covers, cups, cloths, napkins, sets... Don't forget straws, and of course, candles ! Sprinkle confetti on everything, and you've got it in the bag !