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How do you organise a photobooth for a birthday party ?

Organising a photobooth for a children's birthday party is a fun activity, children are big fans ! Plus it's rather easy to organise, it doesn't require too much preparation, nor too much time. Order a photobooth kit according to your chosen theme (tropical, pirate, Harry Potter or the Little Mermaid) or choose to create it yourself by following our instructions on the blog. The accessories aren't too complicated : cut out the shape from our printables, customise them however you like, a bit of tape on a wooden skewer on the back of the printable and voilà ! Easy right ? Everyone chooses their accessory, get the children in position and click !

What are the necessary photobooth accessories for children?

In the necessary photobooth accessories, you need glasses, crowns, hats and masks ! There's nothing better than crazy photo souvenirs ! You can also suggest to the children that they hold up a board with a message or a light box that says "Happy Birthday" ! Find the perfect photobooth accessories for your child's party !<