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Do you need to mix a cloth and tablemats for pretty table decor ?

It is super pretty when they're mixed , but you're not obliged to do anything ! You can mix them at your leisure, playing with colours of the same tones or similar prints, but you could also mismatch them. It's entirely up to you, and it always works well either way ! With a tablecloth, sets, paper cups, plates, covers and napkins, there's a lot to do ! To make your decor even more beautiful, think about table centrepieces !

What would you choose as a base for perfect table decor ? 

If the birthday party is themed, choose a base that echoes it. If not, leave it to your imagination ! If you're out of ideas, think about browsing through the tabs on My Little Day with your child to see what they like. You will have a more precise idea of the direction to go in with your decor. If you're scared you'll mess up, go with the classics. If not, go for a little personalisation ! A coloured paper cloth and some stickers ! Gold stars, silver, flowers or animals... Scatter them on the cloth and make it ultra-original ! If your child loves sequins, add them too !<