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Shaped paper plates, are they really practical ?

You know children. To get them to eat properly without starting up can be a bit of an obstacle course, so you don't cut the cake until they do. Shaped plates, you're seduced by the idea, but you're scared that the children won't eat anything. Good old large plates, it's the only way ! You're mistaken, they're absolutely adapatable to all our little darlings. They often have slightly curved borders to keep the crumbs in ! And always prepare your table sets, they allow you to keep your cloth while finishing off the table decor !

How do you create beautiful table decor with shaped plates ?

There's nothing beter than shaped plates for original and festive table decor ! Ideal for a children's birthday party, these plates will always have a strong effect ! Whatever the theme of the party you're organising, you'll find what you're looking for at My Little Day ! Palm tree leaves, pineapples, mushrooms, cacti, stars, shells... Eat in whatever you want ! Our favorites: shiny unicorn plates ! Mix them with napkins from the same collection and similar coloured covers. Think about buying a tale centerpiece, it will echo the theme and compliment the decor. Some sequins, confetti and you're sorted ! The photos will be so worth it !