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What does a girls birthday party kit aim to do ? 

The birthday party kit is to make your life easier. It avoids think about it too much so you can focus your brain on other things. In the kit, there are party essentials. Unfortunately, it doesn't tell you how to make a cake, how to inflate balloons and doesn't include invitations or party bags. In the kit, there is a great thing (and that's because it's something original we've come up with), there's a book of games. The book is adapted to the age of the child, it's written in the first person and it's make you the Queen of the school. After that, the children will applaud you in the playground !

Can you pass on birthday party kit to have a girls birthday party ? 

Of course, the birthday party kits are there to help, give ideas, to inspire you, to make life easier, it could give you an idea that's useful but nothing is obligatory and if you already have a garland, there's nothing pushing you to buy another one. The only thing that's unque to the kit is the games booklet but even with that, you could always just go on our blog to get access to the contents. If you don't want a birthday party kit, the most simple thing is to have a look at our birthday party themes for girls ! The selection is dense and rich, you will find what you're looking for.