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What are the most popular boys birthday kits ? 

There is a frequent and unexplainable phenomenon. For a strange reason, when children go to school, they share their common passions. You're going to say they exaggerate at My Little Day, they have a tendency to generalise. But read this and you'll see ! A 3 year old (here a boy but this also happens with girls) suddenly and passionately loves superheroes (Spiderman is his favorite), at 4 years old he dreams of being a pirate, at 5 years old he imagines being a cowboy, at 6 he dreams about dinosaurs, at 7 he talks-eats-sleeps football, at 8 he is obsessed with Star Wars. So, it's possible that by reading this text, you recognise this pattern in your children ! That's why the birthday party kits for boys exist in these themes. So, off you go, all you need is to fill in the invitations, get a pinata, inflate the balloons and arm yourself with ear plugs !

Are the game booklets in the birthday party kits enough to occupy the kids at a boys birthday party for 3 hours ? 

Yes ! Yes honestly, we know you're scared it won't be enough (but it is, have confidence). Feel free to consult our blog, choose your theme and add your programme of workshops, printables and DIY ! You could easily fill 4 hours or even more !