What are the secrets to successfully wrapping a present ?

Secrets, secrets... If only ! But we do still have some advice for you ! A wrapped present is achieved with patience, precision, creativity and lots of love ! When we're younger, we learn to fold borders, cut and fix things with tape. But now it's time to learn to do all that with a little more style ! Yes, you're going to need lots of patience, that's the key to success ! We have the material you need, so arm yourself with wrapping paper, sticky tape, gift tags, scissors that cut well... If you need to, have a look at some videos and our tutorials on the blog ! You'll be fine !

Is gift wrapping an essential at Christmas ?

Of course !! Christmas means loads of presents, the turkey, the tree, the baubles and the carols, so you need gift wrap ! Would you want to open a gift in a really boring gift bag ?! We know we wouldn't ! So find everything you need to wrap an amazing gift from our selection (everything, except patience) ! We believe in you, you're a real Christmas elf !